There are many different ways in which we all remember John Dermody.  To describe John is to describe your heartfelt husband, father, friend and neighbor.  As a devoted husband to Barbara and a loving father to Samantha, Mary, and Danny, John was first and foremost a family man. If you weren’t lucky enough to be part of his family, you may know him from work, recreational activities, or from the neighborhood. John began working as a operating engineer for local 143 in the Chicago Public Schools. Many also knew John, or “Jack” at local 399 working for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. He was a dedicated and resourceful co-worker, building many friendships along the way.  You may have also seen (or heard) John on a field or court coaching for Clear Ridge, St. Dan’s, and other neighborhood teams.   John’s charismatic personality and kindness are evidenced by his magnetic relationships with others.  With a smile on his face and a whistling of a familiar tune, John truly had an impact on everyone he met.

In August of 2011, John was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Within one week of his diagnosis, John suffered a stroke affecting his speech and communication. With tremendous perseverance and overwhelming support from family and friends, John was able to ‘graduate’ from his speech therapy, endure multiple rounds of chemotherapy, and begin radiation.  Never losing hope, John fought long and hard for the next nine months.  On May 9, 2012, John passed away with his family by his side.  John battled his cancer as any true fighter would.  In the end, he did not lose to cancer, because losing would suggest that he gave in.  John never gave up.  With cancer, as with many things in life, John would say, “It ‘tis what it ‘tis.”  His family and friends will forever embrace his wisdom and understanding of the meaningful things in life.

On August 26, 2017, the life and memory of John Dermody will be celebrated.  As John watches over countless family members and friends, he will be honored with 18 holes of his favorite game.  With the proceeds raised by this memorial outing, John’s family will commemorate his battle with cancer and his passion for life by helping local families fighting their own.

“Let the wind blow high, Let the wind blow low.” Rain or shine we will celebrate the tremendous life of John Dermody!